Hello! I'm Tracy

I've bee photographing for years but it wasn't until I became a mom I realized just how tricky it was to keep up with (recent) family photos. Then add in the editing and send them off to get printed? For-get-it! This is where I think I can help. When you make time, pencil it in, and commit to THE outfit(s)—I'll take care of the rest. My portfolio will showcase the individuals and families I've had the privilege to photograph. I don't set out to get a perfectly posed, tact sharp photo in every shot because I know from families feedback—that's not what's important to them. What's important are the unexpected moments, real expressions, and having fun—all being captured.

My tips for a great session: Be you, Let your kids be... kids. This includes your High School Seniors too. Don't stress. I have a lot of patience. Plan your outfits, drink (some) water, and eat a snack before hand and you'll do great!

It's really human of you to read all the way through this page. I hope I get the chance to take your picture!

“The camera is an excuse to be someplace you otherwise don’t belong. It gives me both a point of connection and a point of separation”