I'm often asked for location suggestions by clients. There's so many spots in the Milwaukee & Waukesha counties that offer a variety of color, texture, and mood. Picking the right spot for your session can feel overwhelming. I've put together an abbreviated list of a few locations to help pin down what feels most like you and your family. Don't hesitate to do additional searching of these or other locations through social media hashtags or google images! It's a great way to get an idea what each has to offer.

More locations being added soon!

Delafield Fish Hatchery

Delafield, WI

Setting: Natural // Amount of walking: Moderate

If you google Fish Hatchery, you'll most likely come across photos of a stone building but the location is so much more than that. While the stone wall offers a great backdrop—within a short walking distance are gravel paths covered with shaded, arched trees. The path follows along the Bark River. Depending on the season and how bold you and your family are, there's opportunity to be ankle deep in the river (if that's your thing)! Boardwalks, bridges and a unique castle-like playground completes the location that boast a wide variety. The Hawks Inn (white Colonial style house) may be available depending on any event hosting taking place.

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Retzner Nature Center

Waukesha, WI

Setting: Natural // Amount of walking: Heavy with an incline

This is probably the most popular spot for photos in all of Waukesha county—for good reason. Aisles of tall trees provide a woodland feel that you can't quite find anywhere else. Tons of wild flowers (in season) and tall grasses make just about anywhere in this location an opportunity for a photo. One of my favorite parts—the open field and hill that gives an amazing view. Kids loose their minds at the amount of running and cartwheel space.

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Urban Ecology Center, Riverside

Milwaukee, WI

Setting: Eclectic // Amount of walking: Moderate

The space offers a wide variety of textures and angles. Multiple archways—some made out of stone and scrap material—serve as a frame within a frame. Additionally you'll come across a bridge, and public art, including graffiti. Want a few shots in the woods? They have that too. I've shot here multiple times and each time, I discover something new. It's hard to list out everything the space has to offer.

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Grant Park / Seven Bridges

South Milwaukee, WI

Setting: Beach, Natural // Amount of walking: Heavy with stairs

Yes, there's a few bridges here. My favorite part—the beach along lake Michigan, abundant with sand and driftwood. What's really cool about this spot is the different "levels" you'll come across as you make your way from the Seven Bridges entrance to the beach. Stone paths, stairs and bridges, all surrounded by woods. The location feels enchanted.

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Naga-Waukee Park

Delafield, WI

Setting: Farmhouse, woods, beach // Amount of walking: Moderate to heavy

Note: If utilizing the beach, the parking lot is a five minute walk. This location requires getting in and out of the car once or twice. I love the versatility this spot offers. There's a beautiful red barn (perfect for holiday feels) along with stone walls for some great texture. An open field lets the kids get their ya ya's out before we head over to the public beach along Nagawicka Lake. They even allow dogs! Boardwalks, woods —there's a lot to work with!

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